dBpowerAMP CD Writer

Release 2

Create audio CDs of your favorite music


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dBpowerAMP CD Writer (dCW) is a simple app which you can use to create your own Audio CDs with your favorite music. Every time you insert any song in any of the most common formats (MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV...), the program will convert these audios into an Audio CD format as it includes the famous dBpowerAMP Music Converter.

Once you drag in the songs, you can change their order to define which one you want to hear first. If you aren’t happy with your selection, you have the option of cleaning out your screen to start your playlist all over again.

You will know the amount of free space at all times as the program shows you an interesting graph in the shape of a CD in which you'll be able to view the amount of space occupied and the amount available.

dBpowerAMP brings several preset Audio CD models which can be either the 74 or the 80 minute standards, or MP3 models which are also the same size.

30 day trial version.

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